Table set for receiving guests, each seat named with host to which it is intended.
Preview rendering, plan table with your hosts, ready to be printed.

Seating plan

Configure the room, place your tables, pivot them and place your guests to do a printable seating plan


Guests management

List your guests and manage their presence at the meal



Prepare the menu of your meal and print it !



List remaining tasks before the big day and mark them as Ok when done

To create your seating plan on Mes hôtes, it is very simple !

Sign in and create your meal

Try the demo but to save your seating plan, you have to sign in. No panick it is free and quick ! Then give a name, a date and a description to your meal and create it.

Popup of event creation: Enter the name of the event.

Ajouter vos hôtes

Add your guests

Enter lastname, firstname, email, postal address and finally invitation status (invitation sent or not, guest present or not) about your guest. Only guests marked as present will be listed on the seating plan.

Configure the room

By configuring the room with the real dimensions, you will be able to draw your reception room and ensure you that the room can contain all tables you have planned for.

Popup of reception room configuration: entering room dimensions and zoom.

Popup to add a table: Enter the name, the shape and dimensions of the table, and the number of seating and dimensions of a seat.

Add a table

Add a table and precise number of places, fit and size of your table. Try to enter real size to be sure you have enough space.

Then add your guests by clicking on a chair

You can modify a guest by clicking on it

Popup to add a host: entry civility, the full name and the email address of the host.

Your seating plan is finished !

Congratulations, your seating plan is done, now print it.

Preview rendering, plan table with your hosts, ready to be printed.

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