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Wedding table plans: a revolution. the genius idea that revolutionizes the table plan

A reception, a birthday, an event or a wedding? You've come across the right address / the most innovative table plan facilitator. Meshô is the reference website to organize your custom table plan online, for free, and all at your fingertips.

Place your guests is a complicated step and, is an art for all the people making an event. But do not forget that this placement is essential for the atmosphere of the ceremony. If this placement is neglected, there may be many misunderstandings, such as isolated people or separate couples. However, if it is personalized, prepared and meticulously done, be sure that the key to the success of your evening is in your hands.

There are many changes and new developments very important in society! No more paperwork, forgetfulness or misunderstandings before D-Day. You now have the opportunity, dear customers, to be able to design your own seating plan according to your tastes or your desires for an optimal result via your Smartphone, tablet, computer, anywhere and at any time.

Prepare completely your table plan has never been easier than on our website. Let yourself be tempted by the novelty, make your life easier, enjoy a considerable time before the big day, you are the master of your imagination and all that in a few seconds.

seating plan

Le plan de table une étape incontournable.

nono robot algorithm placement guests table plan

With, take advantage of the NONO algorithm, the simple and intelligent tool that allows you to optimize in real time the placement of your guests according to the constraints you would have established to make no blunder. A change can be slightly unpleasant, especially with 200 guests. No problem, introduce this change into the carefully crafted table plan. Also share your table plan with your loved ones so that there is no surprise.

Everything is designed to offer you the personalized solution best suited to your needs and make this great event a success that will be remembered for a long time ...
Finally, print your table plan and it's in the bag!

Send us your room plans to satisfy your customers

Are you professionals? No problem. Provide your room plans directly online by registering on our website. Register all related information for better SEO, then our team will do all the rest! plan of the room

You want to make your table plan without stress, readjust the table plan if necessary so that it adapts automatically, and prepare the best day of your event up to infinity? is here to offer this clever service totally innovative and revolutionary. Yes yes, outright!

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Our team would be delighted to bring you complete satisfaction.