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The seating plan trial

All the bride and groom will tell you, organizing a wedding is an adventure that can not be improvised and that is better prepared to take full advantage of its day. During your organization, every detail has its importance and in particularly the seating plan step. It can also prove to be a nightmare for the bride and groom! No need to tear your hair - it would be a shame! - After many hours of reflection, we give you some tips to make a table plan with confidence.

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What is a table plan for?

Without wanting to put pressure, we are not cruel, the table plan is one of the essential components of the wedding atmosphere! If the tables are well tuned, the festive atmosphere will be on its own.

However, it is quite possible to skip the stage of the table plan and favor a free placement. Thus, guests choose where they want to sit.

If at first, it is a puzzle less, it can be dangerous on the D-day. Indeed, there is a risk that the tables are not well-balanced and that some people find themselves isolated or separated for a couple... because it's a bit of the rule of first come, first served! In addition, if you have used a caterer, it can also complicate him the task. The table plan thus has the significant advantage of ensuring the smooth running of the meal. A work upstream that will not be in vain, we guarantee it!

If you are seduced by the idea of ​​free placement, you can always opt for semi-free investing. The tables are preset in advance by you in which the guests can sit as they wish ... An alternative that can save time and favor a good atmosphere.

Whether you choose an investment or a semi-free investment, you will need to prepare a table plan ... Discover the mistakes to avoid committing a blunder!

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Mistakes to avoid

Of course, you are happy to have these wonderful guests near you during this moment so important ... but we must not forget that they do not all know each other!

Some married people will want to mix the guests so that they get to know each other and indeed, the wedding is the ideal moment since it celebrates the union of the families. However, be careful how you mix your guests: separate a band of friends for example is not the most judicious. They will want to celebrate this moment together and they will set the mood in the reception room as well as on the dance floor!

Whether you choose to mix your guests or not, here are the few golden rules to follow:

The preparation of the table plan

Although it may seem childish, drawing on a very large sheet makes it easier to see the final result. But before you take out your pencils, you have to ask yourself some questions ...

Tools like Meshô make it possible to make the seating plan directly online to be able to modify it to infinity!

What layout of the tables do you want? This question is very important because it will make it possible to know the number of guests per table and thus to start thinking about the distribution.

Tables U, T or comb ... these design are essential to make your plan. To help you choose, find our article dedicated to the table layout. Naming the tables also helps you to find your way around. This brings a touch of softness and additional customization, moreover, the guests will also find it more easily on the D-day! Along with your theme, you can explore many creative leads. We have concocted an article for you to sum up best practices.

Special tables

Among the special tables, there is of course the traditional head table!

Whether you choose a free or semi-free placement, we advise you to assign the guests to their place of honor.

There are some rules to respect regarding the guests' disposition at the head table:

Our tool ensures you that there are enough place between the tables to be able to get you to the dance floor without a hitch. permits you to do seating plan online and for free

Our favorite ? On, we particularly liked the head table with only the bride and groom. The newlyweds were at a small table to enjoy their meal quietly and let the guests (witnesses) quietly organize the surprises. In addition, it avoids leaving the classic head table empty because the bride and groom often get up to see the guests.

Planning a table for children is essential. The ideal if your budget allows it is to provide a babysitter to take care of them. This will relieve you and allow parents to enjoy their meal serenely. Do not put the children's table too close to the adults, they aim at making a lot a noise! Lastly, if you have teenagers among the guests, do not do the odd of placing them with the kids. It is better to prefer a table of "young adults" if they are numerous enough to allow it.

Our ultimate advice!

Making a table plan is already quite delicate and complex, it is not you who will say the opposite, we advise you to involve as few people as possible ... Asking the help of close family may be useful, seeing that they know the whole family and their respective stories. However, do not ask everyone about their placement ... everyone will want to put in your two cents and you might not be able to get away from this! Keep the table plan secret until D-Day to surprise the guests.

But if you want to share your table plan, you can do it easily with Meshô Even if the surprise side is no longer present, it avoids a traffic jam at the entrance to the reception room on D-day ... which could be sadly comical! One tip however, share it only on the last day to avoid being asked to modify it ...

If you encounter difficulties in the realization of your table plan, there are now tools and services to simplify your life and we can only advise you Meshô of course;)! Real time saving (and much less stress!), It has many advantages (such as automatic placement of guests). As a future bride or groom, there is already so much to think and organize that a little help is never too much!

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