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Make a success of your wedding - Have you thought about the layout of your tables?

Here you are ... you have finally booked the room of your dreams to welcome your guests on the day of your wedding. Even better, you know how many guests will be present on the D-day ... Full of enthusiasm, you now want to tackle the heavy task of the table plan. But before that, a question comes to your mind! How will I arrange the tables in this sublime room?

If the question may seem trivial at first, as an insignificant detail that you will think of much later, it becomes very crucial soon! If you do not know which disposition to privilege, you will have difficulties to advance on your plan of table.

layout tables for a wedding plan de table rio

At, we are used to room plans and their specificities. It's even our specialty! We put our expertise in your humble service to guide you in choosing the layout of the tables.

Why is it important to think about table layout?

The layout of the tables is an important step to remember. If at first, you think that it is enough to choose a disposition without thinking about it particularly, you will quickly realize that the disposition is a central element in the good course of your marriage!

Indeed, you would not like to impose on your guests a real labyrinth in which they will have to find their table and their placement. If wedding is an adventure, it is not a question of making it a true adventure! Your guests and yourself must be able to move around with ease.

Why do you have to think about traffic? Because he is likely to have many comings and goings! Between the guests (including children!) And possibly staff such as waiters, there will always be movement in the room.

And for some of you, you might wear a wedding dress and heels! All those who have already lived will tell you, needless to add obstacles when you are the bride.

In order not to have the table layout become a real Chinese puzzle (or even a game of Tetris), ask yourself a few questions beforehand:

Keep these questions in mind, they will help you choose one of our proposals. But first, do not forget to contact the owner (s) of the reception room.

Discuss the disposition of the tables with the owner of the room

It's a safe bet that the owner of the room will have witnessed weddings and other events in his room. Thanks to his experience, ask him your questions and ask him for advice on the preferred disposition to facilitate the placement of your guests.

If you are lucky, the owner of the room will already have some layout of tables dispositions that will be optimized for his room ... If you are even luckier, maybe someone will have already made the ideal table plan for your reception room on On our (super) tools, you can search for a room and consult the available table plans. And if you are extra-lucky, the owner of your room is a great person who registered on our site to directly offer the disposition of his tables on The entire team is determined to make the future bride and groom (s) really very lucky! No need to eat a four leaf clover salad, simply talks with the owner about the tool.

If you have bad luck, do not despair, we're here for you! Start by registering on to ward off the spell and ask the owner of your room if he can tell you the dimensions of it. You will be able to enter them in our software and think of the most adequate disposition. The characteristics of your room will play a role in your disposition, so you must have them in mind!

Tables layouts examples

Find the different disposition proposals on with their characteristics, their advantages and disadvantages.

tables in u shape After the letter-dispositions, you can also privilege:
tables comb Tables comb
square tables Square tables
round tables Round tables
tables herringbones Tables in herringbones
royal tables The royal table
tables in cross Tables in cross
ambassador table Ambassador table

At, we think that the limit of the dispositions is your imagination! Why not imagine original and more eccentric layouts? As for example tables in S, cross tables ... Share with us your ideas, we only ask to see!

Our ultimate advices

Experience has taught us that sometimes some original dispositions will not necessarily be practical. It is important to think ahead and ask the right questions for a result that is both harmonious and functional.

We had for example the case of a royal table, where all the tables were glued to form a square with another table ... in the middle! It was impossible to access it.

We also had the case of a layout made with round tables while the owner of the room had only rectangular tables.

These anecdotes can make you smile but they show the importance of preparation and dialogue with the owner of the room.

At, we are here to guide you in your choices. We want to offer you an ever more adapted tool, which is why will limit the choice of layouts according to the available tables. Thus, your choice will be limited and you will be able to select the ideal disposition in all serenity!