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Table and wedding plan theme

You cannot choose between many ideas, you cannot sort through to find the theme of your dreams? Follow the tips of on the themes of the table plan and wedding.

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A modern and rustic place at your reception, go for a country-style theme!

themes mariage

To help you organize the wedding you've always dreamed of, suggests the country style theme. A refreshing atmosphere, natural and discreet, that will dazzle your guests. Metamorphose and customize to the smallest detail your table decoration with garlands of linen, burlap, cotton and wood, or balls of flowers, for a real return to tradition. Do you need freshness, sweetness, originality and simplicity? The country-style theme is for you!

You want your guests to travel, the theme about travels will make them land at destination!

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Nothing better than a theme that makes your guests travel. You fell in love with a city, a country or a region? Your getaways are sources of inspiration to decorate your tables? This theme is the way for you to create a universe that is out of the ordinary. However, if you are attached to your roots or foreign origins, do not miss the opportunity to introduce this universe to your guests. Exoticism, the tropics, the Middle East ... Let's go for takeoff!

Your hobbies are a real source of balance in your couple, opt for the passion theme for your wedding!

Drawing inspiration from your passion for defining the theme of your wedding is a very original way of reflecting your union. This cohesion is the fruit of your love. Share this passion in front of the eyes of all your guests and put it in value for your wedding so that the evening will be even more dazzling. Passionate about cinema, dance, music, photography or reading ... This is the opportunity to live your passion as a couple.

theme mariage passion

A wedding on the theme of greed?

theme mariage candies

Why not share your desires with your guests on your wedding day? Here are some ideas to make your wedding a very greed day . Sweet centerpieces, an original wedding urn in the shape of a wedding cake, Candy bar and a bonus of sugared almonds for your guests, you will have no trouble finding ideas that meet your greediest wishes. Sweets, spices, chocolate, fruits / vegetables, wines are the perfect blend for a successful gourmet wedding.