Room plan revolutionize seating plan online

A reception, a birthday, an event or a wedding? You've come across the right address / the most innovative table plan facilitator. Meshô is the reference website to organize your custom table plan online, for free, and all at your fingertips.
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Wedding theme

Choose a wedding theme

You cannot choose between many ideas, you cannot sort through to find the theme of your dreams? Follow the tips of on the themes of the table plan and wedding.
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Relax with your seating plan

Seating plan: the trial

All the bride and groom will tell you, organizing a wedding is an adventure that can not be improvised and that is better prepared to take full advantage of its day. During your organization, every detail has its importance and in particularly the seating plan step. It can also prove to be a nightmare for the bride and groom!
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Tables disposition

Tables layout

Here you are ... you have finally booked the room of your dreams to welcome your guests on the day of your wedding. Even better, you know how many guests will be present on the D-day ... Full of enthusiasm, you now want to tackle the heavy task of the table plan. But before that, a question comes to your mind! How will I arrange the tables in this sublime room?
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