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In short

MesHô allows you to make your table plan online for free. An algorithm can also assist you in this task.

MesHô allows to manage its guests and their presence. The user can send invitations from the site, and guests can reply directly in the mail if they are present or not.

MesHô also provides a checklist system to track remaining tasks before D-Day.

MesHô proposes to the users to organize a kitty for their event. The kitty can be used to finance a honeymoon, but also to finance the event in question.

MesHô proposes to the customers of partners receptions rooms to do their seating plan from the true plan of the reception room.

First version launched in November 2013 but officially in January 2014.

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Written form of MesHô

mesHÔ, MesHÔ, meshô,

The team

The founders are all three from the Ecole Centrale d'Electronique promo 2007.

Kevin Kazic - CEO

Cofounder of
First user of the website since he created the first table plan on for his wedding.
The need to have an algorithm to place the guests became obvious when he had to think about how to place two-three energumen.

Hédi Sellami - Sponsor

Cofounder of
He who makes us eat
Bachelor (you never know)

Stéphane Saquet - CTO

Cofounder of
The creator of the main print theme. Design genius.
Bachelor (same here)

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Email : presse(at)
Phone number: : +33 970 444 zéro vingt-trois